Monday, October 21, 2013

Liberal Art etc.

Liberal Art  (not to be confused with the
liberal arts—them majors, minors, poster
and capstone events.)

Envy is ignorance; imitation =  suicide.
Emerson said this and I envy and imitate
him. Admitting it is somewhat redemptive.
That's what I say. It's the denial & cover-up
that's toxic. My opinion, but it may have
been  said before by someone  else of
whom I am ignorant. 

Neither logic nor sermons convince, says
Whitman—nor facts, stats, polls or data.

Help me save the world by scolding, ridiculing,
mocking,  scorning, whipping with  displeasure
the ignorance, greed, envy, jealousy, deceiving,
contradicting, self-serving inconsistencies of all
them moochers, connivers, power-hungry,
trailer trash snake handlers  and affluent fearful
all over the place but especially across the aisle.

Or else accentuate the positive: bromides and
platitudes and passages from scripture,  pictures
of family gathering, dogs and kittens, pumpkin
pie, stories of folks who have overcome severe
hardships.  Pretty poems and public prayer to
warm the cockles of the heart and lift the
human spirit.

Einstein claimed the kind of thinking that gets
us into a muddle can’t be the kind that gets us
out but that was easy for him to say because
he was a genius.   I couldn’t tell you the “kind”
of thinking that gets me into  pickles let alone
the kind that would get me out.  Regardless
of Whatever:  Thinking is  Thinking is Thinking.

Is thinking about thinking a different kind than
just plain regular thinking?  We could argue. 
David Balzer admonished me: “Look, Sam, we’ve
got to talk about how we’re going to talk about
this before we talk about it. “  Think about how
we are thinking about something

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