Monday, October 21, 2013

Partaking in Wholey Communion

Partaking in Whole-y Communion

The converse action: what counts,  
arguing back and forth, very like a
tree trunk, like a fire hose,  losing
it to  gain the whole—not whether
we win or lose but how we play the
game.   O Transcend  Beyond the
Goodies and  the Weasels,
Evangelicals and Holy Smokes and
Mirrors,  beyond Love and Hate
Anxiety and Confidence, beyond
liberals and conservatives and
libertarians and Lutherans; beyond
feminists and sexists,  beyond happy
in my own skin and dysmorphics-R-us.
Isak Dineson said she writes every day
without hope and without despair.
Ultima Thule.  Yonder

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