Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thinking About KInds of Thinking

Dear Colleagues across the Curriculum

Einstein claimed the kind of thinking that gets us
into a muddle  can’t be the kind that gets us out
but who can say the kind of thinking that’s our
kind of thinking without using the kind of thinking
to think about it?

David Balzer  admonished me: “Look, Sam, we’ve got
to talk about how we’re  going to talk about this
(creationism VERSUS evolution) before we talk about
it. “ Think about how we are thinking about something

The kind of thinking I do:

I always have a plan, goal, aim & measurable outcomes
in mind; I draw distinctions to suit my belief & bias system
(prejudices & convictions) --and  determine my ratios
(rationalizations) accordingly.

Because  I am essentially logical: I strive to think in
syllogisms--IF>Thens based on my conscious assumptions,
or if you prefer: premises.

I predicate like a sonofagun--is how I think. This is the
kind of  thinking I think I think like. What kind is your
kind?  Say.

PS  I suffer fools and foolishness willingly: renewable
resource galore—ideas flying past like swallows and
finches & they’ll roost and brood wherever they know
there’s room in the inn.

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