Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is Called Liberal Art?

Liberal Art  (not the same as the liberal
arts—instrumental and utilitarian)

“In life we make progress by conflict and in mental
 life by argument and disputation....There must be
confrontation and opposition, in order that sparks
must be kindled.

Only an open conflict of ideas and principles can
produce any clarity.... Even if all were  agreed on
an essential  proposition, it would be essential to
 give an ear to the  one person who does not. "
(J.S.Mill )

"Without contraries is no progess," says Wm Blake—
and  “If a fool persist in his  folly, he becomes wise."
Reassuring to all.

I'm enlisting help to work on renovating the Tower
of Babel Project. We'll build a stairway  to Heaven—
a new step every day.

Mind is made up. Facts, stats, logic, sermons, data
make no never minding. Bias, belief, homeland security,
prejudice & convictions: secure & impenetrable A mighty
fortress. Couldn't change it if I wanted to. 
Beyond me.

Unlike Henry David Thoreau: I myself would walk across

the street to save the world. But that's just me.

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