Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brave New Whirls

Dear Colleagues,

For over 10 years, stalwart pioneering toward frontiers
still unknown—spamming Faulty L, assuming it a good
thing (the possibility of argument and disputation,
playing with ideas across the curriculum. braying
together, staying together,  gardening without tuxedos
our local food for thought) :  I confess to taking my puns
to town, so to speak.  Committing to Facebook as a touch-
type Hyde Park & virtual grove of Academe---e-dialogue
if not dialectic going on 24/7/365.

Amateurism.  For the love of it.  Liberal Art.

I’m not giving up on FacultyL as always containing
potential for our own St. John’s Type  intellectual
 environment, if not great books, the great ideas
contained in each of our disciplines.  Up for grabs.

But my hopes and fears of all the years are invested
in our social media inter-relationships which might
be said to compete somewhat with the referred
journals that currently characterize our professional
growth & non-perishable publications of faculty

Efflorescence of Academics in the best sense:
social media cultivating &  elaborating the
significances  and meanings  us professionals
might tuck in to our course syllabi, protocol,
grades and  credit given  and the  educational
values that in the passed provide us and our
students with the life long gains that  distinguish
 us from  voc-tech  and community  colleges and
on-line MOOC opportunities with which we compete.


To all my FB friends (& any colleagues) concerned with
exposing the flaws faults, shortcoming, incompetence,
greed, power-hunger injustice. discrepancies, myopia,
dishonesty, inconsistency if not incoherence, & bad
haircuts of mostly the Other Side of the Aisle: according
to a former student and now  Facebook activist: things
are getting better, they're getting better all the time:

"Our Intrepid Sovereignty as conscious  individuals is one
founding virtue, one primary key with  which the gates of
ancient Wisdom will be reopened into  a new awakening
unto Mankind: a reinvigoration of the perennial philosophy
of freedom combined with heightened intuitive perception
into the unseen worlds and their subtle yet cosmic influence
on day to day existence will come to  fruition within the
 human soul."

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