Thursday, October 24, 2013

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

I usually don't feel smart and smarter
unless I'm criticizing someone or
something--exercising the power of my
negative thinking, but when I don't (feel
like feeling smart), I express the power
of my positive thinking::

apple pie and motherhood,
yellow lab puppies and small
kittens, good thoughts from
wise people, public prayers
and personal testimonials,
sunrises and sunsets, small
children in Halloween get-up,
a white horse grazing in a
pasture, hugs, smiles, early
Holiday Sales, new car smell,
 "A" papers posted on the
refrigerator door, completed
college applications, gluten
free muffins, autumn leaves
and windy afternoons, Zero
Calorie Coca Cola and Pepsi
Max, dreams of a common
language: S'Allgood and all is
well and all is well and all
manner of things is well.

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