Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Real

Getting Real:

My courses are the most powerful in the college,
probably in the country I wouldn’t be surprised
 if one acknowledges  “power”  in its original sense
as possibility  (posse) as potential—an exquisite
reservoir backed up for evergreen  miles with the
capability of wiping out a valley, trailer camps,
Church of Christ, henhouses old Ford Trucks once
 released helter skelter  & kinetic--washing away
communities down below   

Analogy, yes?  We  read the handout ( text of our own)
and eventually sit (mum’s the word) waiting for the
word,  a word, any word  each involved in his own project.
The potential: theoretically monumental.:  possibilities
galore —our text an embarrassment of riches, bitches,
perceptive commentary, personal revelations & insight,
provocations,  irritations prompts up the wazoo if  only
anyone picked one and declared, questioned, .objected,
validated, elaborated, took issue, begged to differ o my

my o my yes. academics in play. The Real Thing!

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