Friday, October 4, 2013

Ideas Are More Important than People

I resent this whole everything happens for a reason thing.
Of course if you look back on things you can link experiences
together and say that that is reason. Every action has a
consequence, the consequence of that action is not necessarily
the reason for that action.”   (Packet Response  11:00 Thur)

People are more important than Ideas.
Ideas are more important that People.

Both statements are equally true.  True?
Arguing-out the truth of these 2 statements
is more important than the truth of either

Drawing distinctions is the heart of thinking.
Arguing-them-out is the heart of relationship.
Relating them is the heart of liberal art, yes?

Anything can be said, claimed, expressed.
Whether any one or more agrees is what
counts.   Agreeability.  Crucial.  Need we

The distinction above between consequence
and reason is brilliant.   Consequence is the
sequence following any action. Reason =
ratios, rational, rationalization:  a measurement
relationship between some arbitrary this and that.

Are you rational?   Aware of your
measurementalism?  Logical? Cconscious
of your syllogisms?

I am  determined by our terms. Not by their
denotations, but by their connotations. Failure.
Rape. Foolish. Panic. Suffer. Guilt. Hate. 
Perfectly good descriptive  terms that explain
but nevertheless carry connotations that eclipse
their expository and aesthetic benefits.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Everything happens.

Reason’s why
Cause & Affect
Because & Affect

These are add-on values we arbitrate to suit
our individual and collective agenda.

“There are no individual causes, no discrete
 events” says John Gardner  Remarkable
and if I unpacked  the implications  of this
statement and applied it to  everyday life
and attempted to live by it, I’d end up in rehab.

But it’s true.  Ideas count more than people.
“For those not in love, there’s law—to rule,
to regulate, to rectify.”  (Wm Gass)

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