Wednesday, October 2, 2013

P{edagogy for the Depressed (Liberal Art)

  “Conversion of the Jews”

      "Finally he starts screaming that I was deliberately
      simple-minded and a wise guy, and that my mother
      had to come, and this was the last time. And that I'd
      never get bar-mitzvahed if he could help it. Then, Itz,
      then he starts talking in that voice like a statue, real
      slow and deep, and he says that I better think over
      what I said about the Lord. He told me to go to his
      office and think it over." Ozzie leaned his body
      towards Itzie. "Itz. I thought it over for a solid hour,
      and now I'm convinced God could do it."
                                                              (Phil Roth)
            Questioning Authority.

Once after a class here where we questioned everything
(definitions, assumptions, controlling metaphors) and were
having a good time pretty much collapsing our arches
and structures and undermining ouirselves, I said to the
      “Look, don’t try this in them other courses.”
      And then, diabolically and perversely, I said
     “Or go ahead. Try it. I dare you. See what happens.”
One kid did, next period,  and brought down the house (ecos).
The teacher/professor/Doctor  was so agitated by the monkey
wrenching that he left the class—abandoned it and never

Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

It’s what happens when authority is questioned. 
Or not?    An immaculate conception:  No spots. 
Where do ideas come from?  When was the last
time you had one?   

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