Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's not Easy Being Academic


Backing out of the faculty parking lot, on the
radio I heard a commentator admit that such
& such was 'merely academic'—and see: that
right there speaks to an attitude that might
could explain whatever inadequacy of higher
ed if not lower we often bemoan, and maybe
indicates what drives the re impoverished
insistent capability of Professional Education
Accrediting Systems to over-emphasize rubric
assessment of goals & aims & purpose  and
 demonstrable measurable outcomes assuming
that might improve the process. GetRDone:
Lord  save us from the "Merely Academic."

Starving Liberal Artist Syndrome, call it. .

Or What Good is a Philosophy Major For
           Crying Out Loud Disease

Something like that. Anyone can improve

my terms. I beg for differers. 

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