Friday, December 13, 2013

Can One Man Serve 2 Magisteries?

Can One Man Serve 2 Magisteries?

Faculty L :  my first Ethernet and  Platonic
Love:  always finger-tip away, private  laptop
dancer--ideas galore, baked or half-done
makes no never mind;  braying together,
staying together: a   meta-disciplinariaum
mix of raw and refined;  thought in the mist
and notions coming out  the closet like any
thing:  standard derivations  and deviations
and  norms  generating our unique emergent
phenomena and getting better and good at it,
our heart of academics, our Cleave Land.

But I confess I'm taking my guns to town,
as it were,  so to speak, in manners of speaking.
Where the action is: 
cerebral Fort Lauderdale
on never-ending noetic spring break like it
 used to be, once upon a time.   I’m somewhat
sorry FacultyL I’ll try to service both venuesve
if I can get away with it.  (Dirty work.)

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in Hell with no injustice done to Hot or Cold.
Thank you. Thank you Very Much

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