Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grooves of Academe

Starving Liberal Artistry.

Higher Laws: What I do is as insufficient 
as words,
images, rules, representations
no matter how necessary.
Rice at Rhinos.
Makes no never mind-set. What I do
or may not conform to convention, custom, culture,
 convenience and so: matters where
it really does not
matter: the way things
count but don’t COUNT count

Waiting for Gödel – his theorem or  some immaculate
conception that completes my consistency & coherence
irresolution or reconciles me to their incommensuration:
suffering in translation if not to die for.

Huffing & Puffing: Any one with full & exquisite
out-of- the-box uncanny counter-intuitive devotion
& commitment to a cause, a convention, custom,
culture is going to look & feel like, OMG! BB Wolf
from inside my brick house —a threat, a betrayal,
a tink, tank, tunk & hullabaloo quivering the
whiskers on my chinny, chin, chins: how could it
be other wise?

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