Saturday, December 14, 2013

To Improve the Academy

 To Improve the Academy

You live in your head, Sam
Yes I do. That’s my dog Tige,
‘He lives there too.

In  institutional education,  being Right,
Correct, Accurate,  Clear, Consistent,
Coherent is unchallenged and
unquestionably considered
more important…

(much, much more important, so much
more important one can’t underestimate
the importance:  privileged in fact,
hegemonic shining values pervading
the whole  territory of industrialized

…than  Wrong,  Incorrect,  Inaccurate,
Confused, Inconsistent  and Incoherent,
all of which necessary qualities  one might
say aren’t allowed in the kitchen, so to speak,
let alone the  living room,  but might be said
to beat BEAT with a hard & gem like aim
under the floorboards in the hallway—tell tale
heart  tell tale heart
tell tale heart can you
hear me now?

See the problem here?  Whole-istically
speaking, say?  Cherishing product with
such  devotion:  measurable objectives
rubric-ed and assessed so as to rule,
regulate and rectify  every step of the
way every move we  make , aimed from
the  start to self validate:  delivering the
letter the sooner the better:  always getting
what we prer for and no surprises need apply. 

Stick in a thumb, pull out a plumbs.
Oh, what a good boy am I!.

“Genuine” initially referred to the patriarch
hoisting his legitimate child  up on his knee
(genu) in acknowledgement, leaving the
other little bastards on the floor.
Do I overstate?
I am large.
I contain pulchritude.

Any one can improve my terms.
We can argue—to improve the
academy.  Or what’s a college for?

xxxooo, Presbyter

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