Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alma Matrix

Alma Matrix

Swimming in secular & sacred humanism,  soaking wet
&  amniotic:  may I say how the Knowledge of Damp
& Dry takes  something like immaculate conceptions
hooking and  hauling me  from pond to canoe:  flip flop
and feeling the draft.  Horrid.   No doubt.

Out-of-the-whelm, higher orders beyond  the pail, cave,
culture, custom,  convention, & closet:  wet let alone dry
makes  no sense –un-translated,  un-shrink shrank shrunk
to normal appropriate procrustean values.

Idiocy,  Alien,  Strange,  Else &  Other  bounce off the
system like rice off rhinos.  This makes good sense.
How could it be other wise?  

Inert literally means not-art. Inertia is  status quo:
resilient sustainability preserving conserving
by all means.  

ART is hideous, its  violence  bears us away.
Worse than Religion. Offense to common sense.
BBWolf  at the door. Thief in the night.
Terrible swift words making
no nevermind.

Improve the Academy

2 Economies:
Composer Mode on the one hand
Consumer Mode on the other hand.
Can you tell the difference? Say.
The relationship? Tell it.

I like it nailed down so it don't
wiggle while I do my bidness.
Pre-packaged cellophane
wrapped holy smokes at
any convenience store;
no need to roll my own
or walk a mile.


We have many doctors in our
actually: plethora. Ubiquity.

The P in each of our degrees
indicates  philosopher:
philosophers of chemistry,
philosophers of  biology,
philosophers of math
and sociology, literature
and religion, philosophers of

Doctors OF Philosophy
in all the disciplines.
Academic.  Merely &

     Not of practical relevance; of only
      theoretical interest.  theoretical,
     conceptual, notional, philosophical,
hypothetical, speculative, conjectural,
suppositional, impractical, unrealistic
ivory tower in the best sense

Fixing holes in the roof whether it’s
raining or not as opposed to being
submerged in the flood and mess,
muddle, consternation and confusion,
caterwauling & complaint:  symptomatic
yet very serious & not to  be taken lightly
practical concerns not only  day after
day but the remains of the days.

“The debate has been largely
academic.”  A good thing.


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