Monday, December 16, 2013

Curse the Candle (Not the Darkness)

To Improve the Academy

Curse the Candle (not the Darkness)

The fight against the tyranny of nothing
but Clarity,  Consistency,  and  Coherence
is a losing  battle but nevertheless one  fights
steadfast with stalwart intestinal  fortitude
for  the Good of the Whole of course. 

Fighting the good fight: 
what COUNT  counts—
not winning as any decent
coach might say.

Losing is a given.

Beyond Darkness &Light.  Would take
Goedel’s  theorem and an  immaculate
conception, a bolt from  the blue,
invasion of the holy  spirit—
might as well ask Joe
Fish to define wet,
let alone  dry.

Never the less.

“Who do you think you are?” they
rightly ask me walking on water and
explaining I' m on a mission from god:
an immaculate conceiver, removed from
fault, flaw, error, mistake, slipping  and
sliding, confusion, mess, and muddle.  

“I’m on a mission from God”  I say—
nothing but a channel.  "O,"
you’d  think they’d say,
"hark! In that case
I’m  all ears.”

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