Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Divided I Stand

To Articulate:  originally a butcher's term:
to  flay the beast at the joints with the least
amount of blood and gristle.

             Divided I Stand.
(The heart of thinking: drawing distinctions) 

Cleavage cuts & binds, severs & joins & nothing
is  lost not even harrowing weather stitching in
time, tonguing the great divide so to speak:
mediator turning   trickster, articulator cleaving
a beast with 2 backs right at the  joints with
minimum blood & gristle; butcher’s boy cuts like
a knife & savors the sever & the parting & parts
it sanctions.


A universe
comes into
being when
space is
severed or
taken a

The skin
of a living
being cuts
off an outside
from an inside.

By tracing the way we represent such a severance,
we begin to reconstruct with an accuracy and
coverage almost uncanny, the basic forms
under-lying linguistic, mathematical,
physical, and biological science, and begin to
see how the familiar laws of our own experience
follow inexorably from the original act of severance.
                                        (G. Spencer Brown: Laws of Form)

I am a fundamentalist. I take things literally.
I take it all literally: as opposed to NOT.
Right there: the cut, severance: a distinction
drawn between taking IT literally within, &
NOT literally without.  I take IT literally,
the distinction.  "C."

Cleavage. Severance: a doubling yields  2for
the price of one sacrifice. Nothing to lose:  much
to gain.Cut IT in 2. See how they run, see how
they roll. They .all run after the butchers' wife...


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