Friday, December 20, 2013

State of the Liberal Arts (ot to be confused with Liberal Art)

     State of the Liberal Arts.
(not to be confused with Liberal Art)


   To students stunned & stunning,
   appropriately stupid & knowing it:
   hungering and  thirsting  after
   knowledge.   It’s in your pockets,
   on your tablet, I  phone and pad,
   laptop dancing  & you can video
   me and my  class room profundity,
   Google for  accuracy and forward
   home to Mom or your girl friend at
   Duke—comparing notes and  yawns.
   Almost lunch: check your  e-mail,
   instant messages, Facebook,  favorite
   blogs and shopping steals.  Power
   Point be with us always, enumerating
   what  counts,  what’ll be on the exam:  
   an almost brave new  world sitting on
   a Lexus, driving a 20 mule team to
   Santa Cruz.  Scudda hoo!  Scudda hey!
   Cultural lag in  covered wagons.   Never
   the less:   do what I say and  please me
   too so as to pass my courses, take the

   credit and run.  Life of the mime.

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