Friday, December 20, 2013

Publish & Perish

Publish & Perish: My ARSE

FacultyL has always been my mono-
gamous main squeeze in my dreams
at least, un-requited lovely possibilities
galore  and always  potent potential
panoramer pro fessings of any this &
that crossing curriculum, disciplinary
boundaries  unbounded and frontiers
yet unknown.  Venue for Local Food:
Play of Intellect. Life of the Mind.
Alive, alive ho. 

Trout Fishing in America I confess:
addict addicted to fishing Facebook,
a Complete Angler. Hook,  line,
sinkers  or trolling makes no never
mind—all wet & amniotic  hoping to
strike or be struck:  fin-flash splash,
o  my yes: break- out  momentarily
dry, (absolute) , dripping  revelation
and saturated spats emerging truce:
no keepers & always the fishing and

never the catching that counts.

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