Monday, December 9, 2013

Handling the Truth

Handling the Truth

I am an old  white guy elitist wasp racist
misogynist misanthrope feminist biased
prejudiced solipsistical narcissist entitled
criminal discriminator rip-off artist and
reductionist determined to make virtue
of it.  Alchemist.

Maya Angelo said on TV she’s trying to be
a Christian and is always surprised by them
that say they are.  We  say what we want.
Whatever I say says  about me that’s for sure.
I can’t talk sticks & stones except in manners
of  speaking so to speak.

Nobody gets  HURT. Hurt. sure. But not HURT.
Except in manners of speaking,
so to speak.

Conventions are always state-of-the-art status
quo sustaining protocols and procedures for
some system or other, person, family, community,
institution: self-validating even if dysfunctional

makes no never mind; habits and habitats for
humanity, they are like clichés—nothing accidental
about a cliché; no one ever wonders holy smokes,
how did that’ become a cliché?   Makes sense:
and conventions.  Don’t be a snob.

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