Friday, December 6, 2013

Liberal Art (not to be confused with the liberal arts)

Re My aims, goals, purposes, immeasurable
outcomes in my almost entirely "service" non
-major in the usual sense (gen ed)  offerings

Ignorance and confusion, muddle and mess,
consternation & dismay mistake, error &
rooms for play—mothers mothering invention
and innovation: holy smokes & mirrors only
the devil and the cross roads could change this l
ead to gold.

“The greater part of what my neighbors call
 good I believe in my soul to be bad, and if I
repent of anything, it is very likely to be my
good behavior. What demon possessed me that
I behaved so well?”

I got no standards, no plans,  no agenda,  no aims,
goals, no rubric-ed  measurable outcomes.  ‘The 
highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This
puts us in accord  with nature in her manner of

Cute stuff from Thoreau and John Cage but we all
know  it can’t trump postponing joy in order to be
Taking Care of Business.

The Problem of GOOD & EVIL, Right & Wrong,
Correct & Incorrect,  Faults, Flaws & Folly emerge
venerial  from  My-Will-Be-Done Forehead: plans,
aims, goals,purposes, measurable  objectives—
Fathering Mistake & Error, oops, damnit, chutes &
slides and some  time success. Merely  describing here
is all. Like wise, my Ignorance & Attention Deficiency
expands like spheres through soggy bottom flatlands:
rallying a ratio of  smartitude savvy, keen focus, attention
efficiency and lucid schemes. 

The MEDIA is the MESSAGE.  not the message. 
(Can you tell  the difference? The relationship?)
Anything sacred must be challenged to the utmost
 or it will hide untold falsities."         (Bill Branyon)

Prerequisite to the Beginning of
                Liberal Art
My goal & aim in all classes is to under cut &
undermine &  confuse the issues,  subvert &
tangle & twist what might  otherwise be
measurable out comes,  taunt & tweak,
mock & ridicule, spank in manners of
of speaking so that all my students won’t
know whether they’re  coming or going,  selfish
or unselfish liberal or conservative, good or evil,
motivated or lazy: & down and down  we go,
round and round we go, loving the din  we spin,
the spin we’re   in under that old  black magic called
liberal art.

Do I succeed?  IT can’t be forced.
 Challenge IT
to the utmost.  Put IT in play.
Whatever’s sacred: make profane.
Whatever’s profane: make sacred.
Strange: familiar; familiar--strange.

Other wise: only the sound of one hand

xxxooo, Sam

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