Saturday, January 18, 2014

Apologia for My Hype


My facultyL more and less spamming for the past
15 years has been motivated by a mission from god
who (Samuel! Samuel)  instructed me 
To Improve
the Academy
by example and  exhortation, to tease,
tweak, twiddle, provoke for the sake of argument
best I can.

What else would drive such compulsion? 
Such obsession?

A Mission  Impossible as it turns out ( best kind);  but
I can’t characterize  it that way from the start.  After
awhile I rationalize failure as indicating I must be doing
something right on a higher order you know outside the
box and this coy insight  saves me from the  insanity
Einstein says belongs to any  who repeatedly repeat an
action that don’t pay off.  Pay-off becomes the process.
For the love of it.

Daily jiggle dance: stretch & jog-in-place, Noetic Yoga,
Cerebral Abdominal work-out for all to see me hear me
touch me feed me like me  really like me—or hate,
that works  too.

Now a days the truth is:  I feel compelled again and
again   to declare that my motivation for Facebook
posting is to call attention to myself, important to me
or I  wouldn’t do it with such  delight & unpostponed
joy.  Maybe a “like” or two  & some argument (nothing
I get in the halls of Academia)   But that’s just I-cing.  

I scratch my head:  wake in the middle of  the night
waiting for Gödel or any theorem that  might burst
thru, bolt in the blue, rectify & cut & chase by all  the
dogs and cats and marmalade snacks,  girls night out
and  snow on the patio, pancakes for  breakfast, the
collapse of Capitalism, grad skool debt, bromides,
platitudes & prayers for good news, smelling  the coffee,
petting a puppy: god’s  in his heavens and all’’s right
with the whirl or not. Wait’ll they get a load of this.

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