Monday, January 20, 2014

I Have a Screed (always for the sake of argument)

My Facebook Bromides Broken for View:

GUILT: “a debt, obligation” –got  to give the devil
his due  & dues,  pay the fiddler what’s owed.  Not
to be collapsed, conflated, or confused with SHAME:
Peer Pressure  forever--no pay off , no never mind.

Un-apocalyptics now & now: cover up and deny it for the
sake of peace peace where there is no peace. When they
come for the guitars I don't say a word--what, you think
I'm crazy? What're you: nuts?

I’m waiting for Gödel’s theorems, a-mused & leaning in
to listen, wick trimmed, lamp oiled, chimney swept;
special delivery one of these days some  pure idiocy
to suffer in translation, to die for.

I’m stimulated by Varieties of Facebook Experience:
 expression, observation, insight,  our own now virtual
Hyde Park commons, chorus, hoi poloi,  madding  
maddening crowd & brave new world: our common sense
to die for & bet I’m not  the only  one.  Never before such
united states of mind at hand finger tips away. & bound
to make a difference that makes a difference.  Game changing.

 Ertia (Stinking Out of the Pox)  Russell and Whitehead’s
Levels of Logical Type  imply that if you’re failing on one level
it may well be because you are succeeding a level up.  Could be
otherwise but it’s worth keeping in mind.  Henry was a failure

in civil obedience, but marched to a different drummer a level

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