Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Greek οκουμένη  (oikoumene):   
"the whole  inhabited world" 
(Oikos: Ecos: house)

Facebook: my virtual Quaker Meeting.
Or  Hyde Park. Have it your way. Spirit
provoking  declarations & consternations,
concerns,  cure-alls,  calls for prayer &
condemnations o my yes. Amen  sharing:
communitas  if not  community;  common
cause if not communion like it or  not,
divine sparking the  gaps if not bridging
ah the humania.

(ecology, economy)

Symptomania on the one hand
Root causes on the other. The
flood in kitchen & living room has
my attention efficient focus & holes
in the roof are an ongoing attention
deficit. Raining too hard to repair
and when the sun shines: no problem,

are you kidding when it ain’t broke.

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