Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Strictly Amateur

Out of Egypt

Starving liberal artistry because IT takes
an environment, a context and timing
and other people, all of which are beyond
me – super-sammynatural, uncanny and
can’t be factored in except to acknowledge
wildness. Wilderness. Columns of smoke
by day, pillars of fire by night.  Manna on
occasion. Something  like that plus of course
my  logicality  and rational reason and how
I feel about it necessary  but always
insufficient and suffers in translation.

Go & Do Likewise (like wise, not same)

Dr Wm Carlos Williams wrote poetry between patients.
Wallace Stevens--among insurance claims. A little dab'll
do it. Facebook I have with me always and post for no
other reason than to call attention myself to myself &
if you claim otherwise I will take exception to your
accusation and deny it. Amateur, of course, no doubt.

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