Thursday, January 9, 2014



“I practically define myself by points and
grades these days. It’s all I’ve ever known.”
says a senior  of her $100,000 (+) liberal
arts education.

I can say boldly it's not grades that count but
learning,  Not destinations but journeys, not
message but  media, not texts but contexts,
not whether you win or lose but how you play
the game, and you know it's a lie—pants on fire:
every one of those bromides. And you know,
too, they are totally unquestionably true—no

Would you call this: contradiction or paradox?

F. Scott Fitzgerald claimed genius was the
capability of holding two radically opposed
ideas in mind without going crazy. How do
you frame these contraries so they complement
as well as oppose—and neither is done injustice?

Resolve this and you have the key to all
similar perplexities & I'd call you Liberal
Artist, but don't expect to  get along with
anybody.   Never mind.

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