Saturday, January 11, 2014

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Toward SACS Sanction
(or Forgetaboutit.)

“We can't solve problems by using  the same kind of
 thinking we used when we created them."

Einstein —easy for him to  say: he’s  a genius. What
would I do without my demonizing?  my good&evil-ing?
my escape goating? damning moral  sense?  good guys
and bad? shirts and skins? How could I tell the

And pedagogy?  That too?  Used that word in class &
 a student thought I was talking pedophilia. 

Could be. Close enough. Pedagogue: the a trusted slave
who walked the kids to school and back.

It would take stalwart pioneers toward  frontiers yet
unknown to consider  kinds  of pedagogy  that  sustain
a status quo  that never the less could tolerate  kinds
of pedagogy that revive a  new resilience ir not

I don’t correct or grade.
My courses are an easy A B C.
A Joke. Waste of Time. Sitting
on the dock of the bay. Ice Cream
Parlor in Hell.  Demonstrable
Slackness in the middle  of
The Rigorists.

Gardening in Carhardts—no  tuxedos need apply.  
Diabolically  opposed.  Joy unpostponed.
Icommensurate like anything.  

Do I overstate?  Reduce? Switch metaforce in mid
stream? Snuffle up hidden assumptions &  controlling
metaphors?  Rip-off wholes to suit my agenda? Nail it
down? I am large. I contain pulchritude.

"Anything sacred must be challenged  to  the utmost
or it will hide untold  falsities."            (Bill Branyon)

Yes...but…you might say.

           Prerequisite to the Beginning of
                             Liberal Art
My goal & aim in all classes is to under  cutt & undermine
&  confuse the issues,  subvert & tangle & twist what might
otherwise be measurable out comes,  taunt & tweak, mock
& ridicule, spank in manners of speaking so that all my
students won’t know whether they’re coming or going,
selfish or unselfish, liberal or conservative, good or evil,
motivated or lazy: & down and down  we go, round and
round we go, loving the din that we spin, the spin that we’re  
in under that old  black magic called liberal art.

 Can’t be forced. Takes a pillage to raze a child
Leaves some behind. Whatever’s sacred: make
profane.  Whatever’s profane: make sacred. 

Other wise:  the sound of one hand clapping.

Everyone  knows  what THAT sound
sounds like. 

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