Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amniotic Alma Matrix

Alma Matrix

Swimming amniotic in a Guttenberg Dreamland all soaking wet
in a Post  Literate,  Neo Oral whelm so permeate that it’s
impossible to define damp let alone  dry.

Or, say:  I am canary in a cage watching  our Fading Mind Shaft
End Days never the less: “Long Live The Bookocracy.
Tweeting.  Twittering.

Thesis: Film is the perfect capitalist commodification of the vital,
dymanic,  and communal arts of live theatre. Discuss?

A colleague posts this on Facebook  because he can, and generates
a string  of converse action:  mind on a screen, sure, but oral & Hyde
in spirit . Soap box at my finger tips.

My students are massively more media literate and tech savvy than
me and I  recall the construction magnate on TV confessing  he
didn’t know how to read but could succeed  in a literate world by
subterfuge. Faking it.

Helen Keller never saw a word in her life or heard one never the less
graduated Harvard, though they called it Radcliffe at the time.


My student’s are way older than I am. Never the less they arrive at
8 a.m. with Laptops and I-Pads and Tablets and photo phones and
look to me for instruction-for-credit.

While I inform them on “Fiction: an Introduction,” they vet what I
say on-line varieties  of literary experience before I finish a paragraph
because they can.

Some sneak-videoize me &  my charisma surreptitious to send off to
buddies at Macalester, say, or  Hampshire—other liberal schools.

Look: be here now
(school and be schooled)
Can you see us now?

Much older than me—media literate and tech savvy like anything.

“Here,” I say, power pointing for emphasis".
“10 salient characteristics of Fiction.”

Remember them.  


  1. Why remember them when they can engrave them to their fb pages?

  2. Exactly. Irony, Lisa. Sarcasm even.