Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey, Rubric!

Hey Rubric   Forget you. The most sacred of sacred cows
in academia these days as far as I can tell. Correct me if
I’m wrong. I spotted one on the 2nd floor printing shelf

advancing the progress of a poem.

Pick a poem. Any poem.
Here’s what’s not so good.
Here’s what’s ok.
Here’s what’s competent,
what’s better, like-able, really like-able.

A taxonomy of assessment. “A philosophy of Composition.”

I do injustice here. I’m sure of it. Nothing but justice can be
done to sacred cows. Nothing to laugh at. Not amusing.
Which is why they are sacred cows & not for tipping.

And it's the cracks exposed that let in the light, says Leonard.

I mock and ridicule best I can. Whatever asks for it. Or don't.
School and Be schooled. Some of us carry the conviction that
persecution proves we're doing IT right & the tough get going.
To be great is to be misunderstood. Not the other way around,
I grant you, no doubt to be nice is a piece of cake. No one's
going to argue with THAT.

WE all share the conviction that our persecution in any form:
mocking, ridicule, defamation comes with the territory of our
uncommon sense,  belief, & faith and validates the righteousness
of our failures and stiff necked resistances. .

Where does such conviction arise?
Shield and buckler, helmet and breastplate?
We all know the answer to that, but reject the other’s claims.

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