Sunday, March 16, 2014

Devil's Advocacy

Devil’s Advocacy

From busyness as usual, it’s descriptively 
a demonic, devilish, diabolical and evil
thing to subvert 
status quotidian &
quotations: convenient convention,

custom culture, habit, habitat.
No better words for it.

Messing around inside the box,
tweaking & twisting,
tossing a monkey
wrench here & there, clogging a cog:
tolerable & within terms of engagement and 

converse action.

Conform or Rebel, sure: sharing a common
standard and kinship. All in the family. Just vote.

But actually work to undermine, reconfigure,
recalibrate, reformat, reform, rehabilitate
habits & habitat, disturb the pieces, question
authorizations, expose assumptions, confound
controlling meta force: a course of another collar.
Not just out of the box but out of the BOX.


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