Saturday, March 8, 2014

Anarchy, Apology, Apocalypse, Revelation

Apologia, Apocalypse, & Revelation 
When the structures and protocols that filter the whelm are
absent ( or, more diabolically, removed), what is exposed is 
the matrix, womb, chaos – which might be said to have its
own “order” but it’s an order uncanny and ufamiliar to our“arches.” 

An-archy. Feels more like BB Wolf at the door, say, huffing
& puffing. Revelation. Apocalypse – literally opening (apo) &
exposing what was covered by our structures, protocols,
habits, routines, rituals, rites. Oooomygawd anyone is likely
to exclaim.

We don’t normally see our ORDER as a cover-up, concealing
the chaos or our terms as determining, defining & excluding,
eclipsing & occluding the REST. And so the words Apocalypse
and Revelation have monumental dislocation & crucial
connotations of shock and awe as opposed to mere description:

Look. Look at what we over look! See what we cover!
Consider what’s behind our neatness, tidy, predictable
and necessary habits of mind and common sense—what’s
left out by what we factory in.

What is gained when the cover-up is uncovered?
What is lost?

Apologia: the logic of openings, the explanations,
reasons-why is what an apology is, literally.
Justifying the apocalypse. How come it’s common
connotation is:I’m Sorry. I’m So Sorry. ???

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