Saturday, March 8, 2014

Apologia for my Vita

Prelude to my A.R.S,E


Dear Colleagues Across the Curriculum.

I diabolically factor in “anarchy” and “chaos”  in all my courses
because, while I know they violate order and convention, they
also provide the source for new, emerging values and insight.
H ow else would they arise? Where else would they come from?

My terms determine me and my “thinking” –velcroed with cultural
connotation so that it’s impossible to advocate the quality of suffering
and the benefits of irrationality as well as the liability of clarity,
consistency, coherence and the  limits of being logical.

To de-fuse these stigmatic connotations FEELS like a confusion.
Criminal violation.  It hurts.
I might should acknowledge & factory-in a bit more of the amniotic
Irrationality I swim in, our soaking wet theories of damp and dry,
and maybe shuck off my  faux devotion to Clarity, Consistency, and
Coherence:  will of the whispers & rarely as actual as I pretend,
scolding others if not always  my own self for ethereal, ephemeral,
effervescent bubbly, insubstantial wishful thinking I call Reason.

Tell the difference between playing to the audience, peers, &
colleagues on the one hand and on the other hand: not.  Give examples.
You will be graded on conciseness, spelling, and grammar.

Apologia: Who ever don’t know how to think for himself:  raise your
hand. Don’t have a sense of humor: raise your hand. Ignores more
than what’s paid attention to: hands up.  Hates more stuff than loves:
up with you hand. You are without spin. Throw the first scone.

Offense. " If the Word is rightly proclaimed, then it will also awaken
offense" & I nod in agreement, un-offended by the words because I
am already in the WORD (so to speak), part of club, culture, custom,
closet, convention, discipline, tradition and I say YES & Amen : takes
a pillage, thorn in the  flesh, pea under the mattresses, insult to common
sense &  propriety, scandal for crying out loud and the violence bears it
away. No offense? Never mind. Feel the pain? Bless your hurt.

All Cretans are Cretans: I don’t talk in syllogisms but I still claim
 to be  a logical guy—rarely measure a ratio but never the less call
my self rational. Esteem relations & relationships but talk in partial
terms. pay somewhat attention to facts,  stats, and data so as to
incorporate into my belief, bias, home land security & opinion
system reinforcing and servicing my mind- set  and procrustean
bed fellow.

I try to speak out of 3 sides of my mouth at once: any thesis and
its antithesis (2 sides of the same koine, say) plus the synthesis
that don’t do no injustice to protagonist or antagonist—not looking
for a winner here, but possibly a small apocalypse and revelation.
It’s no advantage to be perfectly clear. It's an excellence not to be.

The more I realize how proud I am, the more  humbled by my
arrogance. My humility increases  in direct proportion with my
strident ego-conscious  aims, goals, purpose and measurable


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