Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Precious Mind Set

Critical Thinking.  Facts and stats, data and polls 
don’t change my mind-set —nor scorn, mockery,
ridicule which shiver my timbers but don’t dent my
beliefs, bias, prejudice & convictions sealed-in, 
salved and safe against penetration. Neither logic
nor sermons convince me other wise than my 
comfort zoned home land security system is designed 
to protect & maintain my integrity. Rice against Rhinos.
But we can argue. Display. Show off. Bump uglies for 
the principle of the thing.

If Ignorance knew he was ignorant, he wouldn’t be. 
Everything is stacked and salved to prevent an  
ignorance break-thru. Mission Impossible. You can 
see the defense, the integrity protected—not by the hairs
of my chinny chin chins. O no you dent.

The trouble with being smart and well informed and 
enlightened and knowing better: I can’t just get along 
with anyone. It’s not easy being green. Be careful
what you pray for.

I give myself points for being on the right side of history.
Look: see what I post—I’m against this and also this and 
this too: I can see through the foolishness, the injustice:
the inhumanity of manunkind and I’m letting you know. 
None of it gets by me. I can spot it. No clue how to repair, 
that’s not my problem, but I can diagnose like anything—
follow my gnosis, my bias, my belief, my prejudice, my 
conviction: snuffle up truffles for dismay if not outrage. 
I’m on the right side of history, thank you very much.

I know better than I feel and can talk good There’s a 
difference  between condemning & or praising stuff on the
one hand and going to hell to die for & suffering in
translation on the other. O say can you see my critical thinking...

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