Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Creative Disruption

 Creative Disruption
    (cultural lag & deconstruction, elenchus)
           It's an Environmental Issue

In the gap between the speed with which people
respond to change and the much
greater potential
of the technology we
invent, the greatest conflicts
in human history occur.

The unavoidable struggle between old and new
is explained by the third law of digital life: the
Law of Disruption.

According to the Law of Disruption:
changes exponentially, but
social, economic, and
legal systems
change incrementally.

As the new world runs increasingly ahead of the old,
social systems
invariably break down only to be
dramatically reinvented to better suit the new
environment to which
human beings have
already relocated.

The initial impact can be dramatic— even
revolutionary. But the real
change may come
years later. In the long run, as human beings
reorder their lives to adjust to the new realities,

 the second order effects of innovation are both
more dramatic and more

Larry Downes: The Laws of Disruption:
Harnessing the New Forces that Govern
Life and Business in The Digital Age.
Students come here having been swimming
in a techno-environment  alien even to our
youngest faculty, I bet .you 5 dollars.
I will bring them back to old school ways
—teach them to drop their multi-tasking
habits, gaming jiggle-legs, attention diversity,
instant message texting. phoning, video
generating, Google accessible informational
savvy so  that  they might focus on study skills,
time management, proper  documentation,
academic skills in note & course-taking
and credit accumulation. .
The MEDIA might could be the message.
Can I imagine a student in my class  exchanging
more or less immediate video-info with a friend at
U. Santa Cruz?  “Look, here’s my teacher trying
to explain supra-segmental  phonemes! What are
you guys doing?” And what difference can this make?
I do injustice.
I understate the  situation.
It’s beyond me.  I still use a land-based phone,
hook-up to the world  through the desk-top in
my office (study, studio)..  Clod of unknowing,
stranger in a stranger land.  I know that much.

Walking on 3 legs here.

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