Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Never About What It's About

It’s Never About What IT’s About

Steven Pinker claims that every utterance
has two agenda: 

Taking Care of Business                         

Pass the salt.                      
E = MC squared               
Write this Down              
American Literature               
Do you know the                   
way to San Jose?…             

Negotiating Relationship

See me
Hear me
Touch me
Feed me
Like me
Really like me

Negotiating Relationship is primary.
Taking Care of Business: secondary,
merely tokens:  but apparently
dominant & eclipsing if not occluding
what can't be counted & counts most:

“It’s not about the trash, the cash, .the
banged up bumper, the weekend plans,
the mortgage, the Republicans, immigration,
teacher’s salaries, carnage in Syria,  gay
marriage, right to life, climate change,
recycling.”  she says in the heat of the
argument,  dis agreement, brouhaha
fight going on and on and on: “It’s about
the  relationship.”

Need we argue?

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