Monday, February 17, 2014

Measurable Objectives


            What seems the
         of thought is only the
           distribution of the
           whole into causal

Emerson: commenting  on the difference
if not relationship between  thinking on
the one hand  (so to speak) and on the
other hand  its manifest expression as  
linear sequence  and  succession one
after the other, time after time like these
words on a screen: sequential.

But the  thought is whole:
an  all-at-once-ness
parsed into beginning-middle-end,
simultaneity translated into cause
&  effect, eternity chronological-ized:
the song over but the melody lingering on;
how  could it be otherwise?

I am a miser: holding on to what I got:
this & that & that. No way can  I let go
my  because & affect, reasons-why,
 explanatory  interpretations &
blame-ations, escape- goating
terms of desire one after
another in  time and space.

Might as well say—
                       my head  stuck in
                     a bucket of water—
“Breathe, Sam: just breathe:
you’ve got  gills you never imagined.”

Spirit on the one hand  reduced to letters
on  the other hand: words,  sentences
I can sulk over, sanctify, quibble &
Here’s how.. Here’s why.. Here’s when.

Me measuring all things & no things,
so as to see  &  say  hap happening happily
one thing  after another  reducing the whole
into  causal sequence  for the  sake of convenience
if  not always convention.  (Usually convention.)


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