Friday, February 14, 2014


Dear Humanists, American Literati,
and Dialecticians:

Never on Friday Bromides & Platitudes

My sister in law the dancer signs her
letters and posts lovelovelove  All she
wants to do is dance dance.  I tell her
if I could dance it, I wouldn't have to
write it..

“We're all crazy egos hungry for love.” says
Sherwood Anderson.
“For those not in love, there's law; to rule,
to regulate, to rectify.” (Wm Gass)
St Valentine was clubbed to death for curing
his jailer's daughter of her blindness. Witchery
What's the difference between loving on the
one the one hand and being in love on the
other hand?
Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?
With the Buddha? With the Muse?  With  your
Idios Daemon.? With the Trickster? With  Hermes?
With the Mediator?  Coyote?  Raven?  The Demi
Urge?  Mother Mary?  Any of these?  None?
IN relationship:  being Right can amount  to
being Wrong.  Win the argument. Lose the
war.  Sleep on the couch. Was it worth it:
Being Right?
IT' \is never about what it's about.
It's always about “the relationship.”  
IT,  I  said.  Do I always got to be
spelling IT out?
“For those not in love, there's LAW:
    to rule, to  regulate, to rectify. “ 
    Hire a lawyer. Take it to court.
“Honesty isn't so simple. A simple honesty
is nothing but a lie. Love split me open and
I'm alive to tell the tale.  (“The 3rd Dimension,”
Denise Levertov)

xxxooo, Sam

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