Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Esoterics: not to be confused with Social Justice

Esoterics: Not to be confused with Social Justice.
Liberal Art: not to be confused with liberal arts.
A calling:  vocation to die for, suffering translations,
the immaculate conceptions of Muse, Paraclete,
Mediator, Idios Daemon, Part-to-WHOLE relays,
Personal Savior, cave-escaping Crucified Ego,
transformed & reformed Strong Deliverer, Trickster,
religious cross roads listening for counseling, guidance
— the agon & ecstasy wrestling with God my will to
be done, works to make known.

Whatever the myths,  what ever the catechisms,
whatever sacred or secular  texts, pledged allegiance
to severe hermeneutical sectarian denominational
warfare makes no never mind: all the same deal,
call it what you will. Need we argue? Evidently.

Lucid Schemes Galore I obey, damnit: damaged and
damaging but don’t I lean in &  listen never the less:
precarious & praying incessantly unawares: hear! hear!
here! here! Rich in confusion.  Poor in clarity. Just
begging for it; surrounded by smarty-pants: o my my,
o my yes: hosanna –  save now: salve for salvation &


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