Friday, January 24, 2014

Transparency Emperor's New Clothes

       Emperor's New Clothes Called Out
                Noting but Bare Butt  

The TRUTH: (wham sam no thank you man:):
Recent assessment instrumentation tells me
I  got my  pedagogical ass kicked royally  .

Waste of time, insufficient rigor, no leadership,
no motivation,  too  much silent  class time, no
ongoing dead lines, little attention  to subject :

Decent &  appropriate  complaints given my
oblique and  slant non-Instructive ways
compared  to  normal values,  standards and
the demands of the  WWC  institutional
educational environment.Aims, Goals,
Rubrick Assessed  Measruremental
Objectives . 

I habitually structure-in Anarchy and Chaos —
as well as  welcoming confusion, appreciating
indeterminacy, stuttering inarticulateness, 
embarrassed  half-baked ideas & the muddle
of  coming to terms, figuring stuff out:  can’t blame
any  for discomfort and sense  of loss. Gardening
local food without wearing y tuxedos goes against
the grain. 

Antithesis to "the intentional, innovative
Culture of Assessment that strategically
targets enhancement of the brand  by
capturing data demonstrating the positive
impacts of rubrics integrating scaffolding
into the overall pedagogic paradigm."
local colleague & fellow face book traveler)

SACS-worthy, this group--
let us say what we're going to do;
do it, and say  what we did.

City Hall.

Stick in  a thumb, pull out a plumb. 

Matters not how  strait the gate, none of my
foolishness  would make them never mind.  
I think I can, I think I can. I think I can.

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