Friday, March 28, 2014

Them Apples


Under the Bo Tree

Velocity trumps Position & On the Road Again
beats No Place like Home.  Journey’s the
Destination, yes? Not the destination.
Media is the  Message.  Smell the
coffee & roses & pat a puppy
not with standing but on
the go.  Velocity

Werner Hamburger


(It’s not easy being an epistemologist)
Riddled with physical manifestation and
embodiment even less-
than-ultimate concerns
like “satisfaction”
or “jealousy” might
get stuck & stick me
for thinking 
out of the pox let alone OMG
and life
ever long long lasting issues
haunting us like holy ghosts.

I kicked him out of class but my boot had
nothing to do with his butt merely
a manner
of speaking I can see through
but how can
any resist your awesome
meta force when
you talk the way you
do about ultimate no
things that never 
the less influence with a
force of many
winds and heavy rains.


Us educated folks ( the elite, passed 12th grade and
higher degreed) think that if we nail you for inconsistency
and  contradiction, boy holler have we got you now. If
you mess up your facts, split an infinity, misspell, blush
and stammer and shift your feet: HA! We win.

I hate you all I tell my class  dismissing them and they
laugh and laugh. No, I’m not kidding. Who you gonna
trust: me or them that say they  love you?  Would you
rather buy a car from a used car salesman who says I’ma
rip you off best I can or the one who tells you it’s my
service project to put you and the little lady in just the
right sedan for your ways and means?

Old Time Religion

Lame Shall Enter First Church of the Crippled
is getting kicked out of the basement of Concordia
Temple of the Holy Ghost for attracting threatening 
undesirables: CEO’s and bankers, gays and not-so, 
photo-shop practitioners, life insurance salesmen,
golf pros, hookers and hook-up addicts, onanists 
and organ  donors, school administrators, stock 
car drivers and skate-boardists, cutters and body
dysmorphics, bottle-water drinkers and joggers,
Bicyclists Without Helmets, lapsed fundamentalists,
bookocrats, all-but-the-dissertation PhD candidates, 
mortgage  brokers, free range chicken farmers, meat 
eaters, used car salespersons, street preachers and 
Sufi dancers, Buddhists, masseurs, yoga practitioners,
etymologists and biologists, psychologists, and
theologists --all of them lame as hell & hobbling 
undisguised It’s embarrassing.

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