Saturday, March 29, 2014

O Let That Midnight Special

Liberal Art: Assessing Immeasurable Objectives.

We do not try to comprehend, we try to play with
insanity, to dance with the jester. We fool around
in puddles of thought, splashed muddy  water all
over, take a shotgun to reason and  crap on political
correctness, make  generalizations stereotypes,
reduce to  develop unholy trinities, and sit in silence.
Skate away on the plane of the unknowing and isn’t
it amazing? A good thing. Liberal Art. (Not to be
confused with the liberal arts, them majors and minors
and poster and capstone events.)

Our monumental and magnificently, brilliantly lucid
head-lite intelligence: we turn and turn to study dark
with our  ever loving midnight specials. Let  our light
shine on thee. We affix the beam. The only emperor

is the emperor  of ice cream.

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