Monday, March 31, 2014

An Enemy is As Good as a Buddha

E-Hyde Park

Come let us argue together. Truth springs
from [sustained} argument among friends,
says David Hume & neither logic nor sermons
nor stats, nor facts, nor data convince says
Whitman and peer pressure is forever says
Patti Smith and  if fools persist in their folly
they become wise and the road of excess
leads to the palace of wisdom says Blake
and let him with no spin cast the first stone,
Jesus recommends and  if you  point your
finger at your neighbor there are 3 pointing
back at you an old Moral Rearmament
bromide my old  man would sing to me, and
an enemy is as  good as a Buddha and if you
see  the Buddha on the road, kill him.
Zen koans..

Unable to appreciate the difference and then the
relationship between “quantity” and “quality,”
Pirzig quit teaching, boughta motorcycle and took
his young son on a cross-country road trip while
thinking about the passion of the Western Mind
and the Zen of motorcycle maintenance. 

A student just now said “I only did 2 & ½
pages of  the suggested 8  for my paper on
creativity. Should  I give myself ½ a point
credit instead of the full point, Sam?”

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