Friday, April 4, 2014

Hate HATE?

Hate HATE? Nobody Loves Hate

"The doctrine of hatred must be preached as the counteraction
of the doctrine of love when that pules and whines. I shun father
and mother and wife and brother, when my genius calls me"
( Emerson, “Self Reliance.”)

So full of hate, Love must be knocking at my doors, huffing
and puffing; I could not hate so much were  Love not so
obsessive and compulsive. Undeniable.

Disgust. Repugnance. Repulsion. Revulsion.  ok ok Disapproval
 then, at the puling and whining. Cocked I-brow: looking  down-
the-gnosis.  Patronizing perhaps. At best noblesse oblige: there,
there don’t know any better, musn’t be blamed

I call it “hate” because that’s the common sense name for the
emotion that squeezes and constricts, thorn in the flesh, pain in
the ass: the feeling of no no no.


The  word  “hate” generalizes  all  against-ing: against idiocy not
my own, against success not my own, against order & regulations
 not my own, against stuff I don’t understand, against thieves in
the  night and  BB Wolf &  graduation speeches, conservatives,
liberals, fundamentalists, anarchists, terrorists, SACS & their proud
measure-mental goals and rubric outcomes, against raising taxes
and debt  ceilings, against aliens & immigrants, against the timid,
against the bold, bottle water and compulsive joggers. wellness
wannabes, goodies so goodie they won’t indulge the bad-it-takes
to get better. . .I could go on.

There might could be another name for it (what I just said) seeing
as HATE carries nothing but negative stigma so that the  feeling
of negative & negation is negative, know what I mean? and never
positive which it certainly is also when the doctrine of love
pules and whines.

I’ve had students in class claim they weren’t
allowed to used the word “hate” at home.

I hate that. Hate the hating of hate, An intolerance I can’t tolerate.
 I’m in the wrong for sure. Affront to habitats for humanity both
secular and religious. Ridiculous to the savvy,  obnoxious and
offensive to the  conscientious.  A violator. Criminal.  Rip-off artist.
Greedy thieving liar. Solipsist.  Narcissist. Entitle-mentalist Partial &
biased… all these beautiful hateful  descriptives & I hate them
because they are hated  but they’re undeniable &  better
confessed than covered-up, I’m somewhat sure of that.

Hate to be wrong about being wrong
but I think I’m right about this.


  1. As so often, Our Lord's own words are both far fiercer and far more tolerable than those of the theologians. He says nothing about guarding against earthly loves for fear we might be hurt; He says something that cracks like a whip about trampling them all under foot the moment they hold us back from following Him. 'If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife... and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple' (Luke 14:26).

    But how are we to understand the word hate? That Love Himself should be commanding what we ordinarily mean by hatred--commanding us to cherish resentment, to gloat over another's misery, to delight in injuring him--is almost a contradiction in terms. I think Our Lord, in the sense here intended, 'hated' St Peter when he said, 'Get thee behind me.' To hate is to reject, to set one's face against, to make no concession to, the Beloved when the Beloved utters, however sweetly and however pitiably, the suggestions of the Devil. A man, said Jesus, who tries to serve two masters, will 'hate' the one and 'love' the other.

    ...So, in the last resort, we must turn down or disqualify our nearest and dearest when they come between us and our obedience to God. Heaven knows, it will seem to them sufficiently like hatred. We must not act on they pity we feel; we must be blind to tears and deaf to pleadings.

    I will not say that this duty is hard; some find it too easy; some, hard almost beyond endurance. What is hard for all is to know when the occasion for such 'hating' has arisen. Our temperaments deceive us. The meek and tender--uxorious husbands, submissive wives, doting parents, dutiful children--will not easily believe that it has ever arrived. Self-assertive people, with a dash of the bully in them, will believe it too soon. That is why it is of such extreme importance so to order our loves that it is unlikely to arrive at all. (Not Emerson)

  2. "Your goodness must have edge to it, else it is none<" says Emerson. This does: cuts like a knife. I myself can't say I can "order" my love so that hate is unlikely to arrive at all. Wretch like me. (and bully) Wrestling my ass off all night long, as it were--in a manner of speaking._

  3. He meant that fir instance you try not to marry someone with whom you will have major differences in faith. Otherwise it seems to me to be about timing, knowing when the time is. Blanket hate or opposition seems brute.

  4. Blanket love or tolerance seems indiscriminate. Language problem here. Ratios.

  5. Difference that makes a difference: blanket love vs. blanket hate. If you are not going to order them, or try to.