Sunday, April 6, 2014

High-Toned Old Xtian Laity -

Sunday, Sunday (4/17/11)

Over the course of years, drained books
on religion: feel-good essays  and theologic.
Read Bible through once, New Testament
several times, cherishing heritage. Tom Kempis
Imitation of Christ: many times. Devotional.
Desiring.  Get right with the whole. Be in
accord with nature in her  manner of operation.

Feeling somewhat disillusioned at life’s end:
a good thing. Waste of time. A  foolishness.
Demoralized.  Depressed. A sinking feeling.
Fart in church.  Dong Ping hums in the morning
as he fixes  his green tea.

Massive and continual slaughter of ants,
slamming with the back side of books,
reams of paper, index finger, thumb
crashing, colliding, collapsing crippling
their progress over my desk &  keyboard:
poke, slam, slap & tickle injury and insult
as they scoot under coffee cup and mouse. 
The violent bear it away.  .

Is what IT is, not what it ought to be. Always:
state of the art at any point and place in time:
here now. Unique. prior to special and general
knowing  in process of becoming, emerging,
originating, generating.  Under the black plastic
sheet of strawberry generalization  &
specialization --plans, aims, goals,
measurable outcomes.  Commensuration

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