Sunday, April 6, 2014

In Trying Times of Turbulence & Trauma

In These Trying Times of Turbulence &   Trauma

Think Out  of the Box?

It doesn’t have  much value if it’s an individual  deal,
I don’t think. Collaborative Think Out of the Box Genius
as opposed to Individual Think Out of the Box Genius.
There’s a difference that makes a difference.

And is it possible that thinking-out-of-the-box is the
real topic, content. & subject matter—and not  sustainability
or environmental  warming or  illegal immigrations or
institutional budgetary concerns or  dearth of wood thrush?

Thinking about thinking, in other words, and not about
this or that, not that three doesn’t have to be some token
this or that  to carry (but not occlude) the thinking  about

It’s a principle of mine that it’s impossible to think out of
the box and that acknowledging that impossibility makes
it possible.  Is THAT-right-there thinking out of the box
right there?  I think so.

(Thinking outside the box is not for everyone!
But you may not be for everyone too..)

Thinking about how we think as opposed to just thinking
about this or that:  thinking about the conditions, the
environment-for-thinking is out-of-the-box thinking
right there.  Frame Discourse it’s sometimes called.
Environ mentalism. We have to talk about how we’re
going to talk about  these nitty gritty matters—institutional
sustainability etc. Institutional  Resilience etc. 
Name it.  We can think about how we’re
thinking about it.  That’s out of the
box.   Try it.  We’ll see how out

of the box it is.  

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