Monday, April 7, 2014

Talking the Talk

Talking the Talk
David Foster Wallace’s 05 graduation speech
to Kenyon graduates is eloquent and smart
and amounts to what my  cousin the-artist
would say  somewhat  drunkenly: “If I could
just get my head out of the way, Sam, I could
do some art.” 
Wallace described IT in terms of getting out of
his I-am-the-Center-of-the-Universe default
mode.  Neither succeeded. Or maybe they did.
My cousin died of alcohol  Wallace shot himself.  

Watching everyone crack on the ubiquitous

nasty  boys and baddies of here and there is
like watching  my dog Zeke licking hisself and
biting his ass--click click click,  doggie teeth
ripping on his own behind, having a great old
itch-em scratch-em time.
My stereotypes, biases, prejudices, convictions,
belief & homeland security systems are fractured
every day--stunned, shattered--and then amazingly:
resurrected into new life, just as healthy, dominant
and dominating as before.  Miraculous death &

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