Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nobody Loves an Antithesis

"For those not in Love there's LAW :
to rule, to regulate, to rectify"
                                     (William Gass)

No Body Loves an Antithesis.

I’m watching bees and flies zip in my office
window open a crack from the bottom and
once in: caught by light, their entry narrow
& strait & a voyage into the interior would
be dark madness as opposed to  enormous
sky & bright shine. 

They explore their glass ceiling smack in
the face of freedom  buzzing in dizzying
circles & settle  on the pane patiently
exploring corners & edges over & over
the way I look for lost keys and  spam
colleagues crossing and re-crossing glass
frontiers,  steadfast &  stalwart:  clouds &
green sunshine at my  finger tips;  no  way
but toward light I can see  and can’t deny.  

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