Friday, April 25, 2014

School & Be Schooled

Liberal ART - a practice, attitude, outlook.
frame of minding, environmentality, as
opposed to the vocational content, topic,
subject  matter and rigorous discipline of
the liberal arts

  The MEDIA is the MESSAGE.
       not the message.
      (Can you tell the difference?
            The relationship?)
To students in my  classes.  
You may recall that I sent you pre-school
pre-ludic messages in an effort to prepare
you for my kind of  “course.”
(The kind of thinking that got us into the
pickle can’t be the kind that gets us out,
says Alfred: who rode the front end of a
light beam.)  
"Anything sacred must be challenged to
the utmost or it will hide untold falsities."
                                        (Bill Branyon)

   Prerequisite to the Beginning of
                  Liberal Art

My goal & aim in all classes is to under
cut & undermine &  confuse the issues,
subvert & tangle & twist what might
otherwise be measurable out comes,
taunt & tweak, mock & ridicule, spank
in manners of speaking so that all my
students won’t know whether they’re
coming or going,  selfish or unselfish
liberal or conservative, good or evil,
motivated or lazy: & down and down
we go, round and round we go, loving
the din that we spin, the spin that we’re  
in under that old  black magic called
liberal art.  Mission Impossible but
never the less.

Can’t force it,  or I would.   Play and
Be Played. School & Be Schooled.
Or not.   
Whatever’s sacred: make profane.
Whatever’s profane: make sacred.  
Or not.
Other wise:  the sound of only one hand
Need we argue?     

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