Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Attitude Adjustmentalism

Attitudinal Adjustment

The cute description coy planners of professional
conferences employ to describe the function of
a  cash bar situated right outside the lecture hall,
announcing happy hour after presentations &
panels & arguments & ideas ricocheting between
forces of Diddley Squat on the one hand & Team
Jack Shit on the other or you characterize it your
way: cerebral dueling  banjoes I hope will rise
up when ever 2 or 3 or more professionals
gather to exchange insight & me having filled out a
travel request so as to use my faculty development
allotment & get out of  town, fly in an airplane
carrying my brief or  attachĂ© case &mobile device
so as to say  stuff like: one might wonder & one might
say without too great a fear of contra-diction
subject  to further study and it would appear not
with standing: I mean to demonstrate how the
Surgeon General’s Warning, & Long  Lines of
Folks waiting  to buy  a lottery ticket  or audition
for American  Idol reveal the faux potency  of
The Rationality we privilege  so as to occlude the
genuine  Irrationality of my heart’s desires & it
won’t happen to me or it will, no matter the
evidence, & how else am I going to get this kind
of converse-action except in some airport Holiday
Inn  where nobody knows my name tag and an
Attitudinal Adjustment is what I’m  needing after
a day of intellectual unrest so far from home where
clarity is said to begin.  

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