Thursday, May 8, 2014


SACS the Sphinx

My hero Gregory Bateson in a series of essays
about anthropology &  relationship, biology &
evolution, epistemology  & ecology & what he
 called a crisis in the ecology of mind, knowingly
demonstrates  how
                  conscious knowing
                       purpose & aim
                        & objective 
impedes: a stumbling block, scandal, handicap,
liability if its inadequacy & limit is not  factored
into the fix-it-make-the-world-a-better-place
syllabus & agenda of the humanities service
Speaking from a whole systems standpoint
(pretending one could):  the more one knows,
the  clearer one’s  focus & attention-efficiency:
the wider one’s circumference of ignorance.

This is not hard to consider from my armchair.  I
imagine my self going into a closet with a flash light
to study darkness, riding a beam of illumination
thinking I’ve got it covered. 
Conscious Knowing: as “demonic” as it is  “angelic,”
as luciferous as lucid, generates a  partial brilliance
that  occludes the whole & holy & ignores the dark
side of its equations.

Need we argue?.  

Bateson & the Hamill Complex  wouldn’t say IT  
the way I’m saying it,  but EngMajors could know
what I mean, middle-floor Jensen inhabitants used
to the old timey figures of speech & textual harass
mentalism no-one-takes-serious: ways of talking that
justify the plays of God on myn.  Don’t mess with
an EngMajor.
(Fine Artists  north of the gazebo  know exactly what
I’m  saying I bet but we might have to come to terms;
or they’d  just show off—demonstrate: “Look,
see,” they’d say:  “chiaroscuro!”)
 Consciousness:  double-edge sword.
   Cuts both ways.  I privilege  one
       & ignore the consequence. 
         Bi Polar, none the less
     I’m addicted to Partiality
    (you got a problem with that?)
Ad-diction: “to speak to”--literally manners
of speaking. Bateson demonstrates systemically
how knowing reasons why will not cure my
addiction. Knowing Reasons Why is what
makes me addict in the first place. 
I’m addicted to Because & Affect.
You’d think explanations would help. 
           (I’ll fix THAT!
You’d think knowing Reasons Why
would  be a Good Thing.
Noooooo, says Gregory: not with addiction.
Your knowing got you into this pickle,
damnit: it won’t get you out! out! 


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