Sunday, May 11, 2014

Driving Under the Influence

Driving Under the Influence

I am always driving under the influence of metaphor if not
while intoxicated…well—more and more  toxic I confess
letting language play with me even when I should know
better how sweet it is: bitter batter buttering up both
sides of a koine.

& I don’t always have to be the boss of it I tell my self
but more & more I am  its love slave, yeah, doulos.

Got a problem with that?  I do. What I’m saying: 
Go ahead & have its ways  with me I’m round
heels now, I admit it. Addict. 

[[My boss told me years ago, you can’t write right
anymore Sam & she was correct once I’ve fallen
off the wagging & I can’t get back on its crying
shame for crying out loud can’t even be faking it
for the time being as convenient as I know it is

&  it is &I’m not saying it isn’t I’m just saying I’ve
lost it and am striving  under the influence vulnerable
& powerless to prevent it.  ]]

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